Gardner Ronnie Rigs



  • 3x Ronnie Rigs per packet
  • Available in sizes 4 and 6
  • Made with mat Covert components
  • Includes the new XT Kwik Lok Flexi-Ring Swivels
  • Manufactured in the UK

Commonly referred to as the best kept secret in angling, Gardner has finally let the cat out of the bag and revealed the devastating Ronnie Rig. Also known as the Twister Rig, it offers a popup presentation like no other and already it looks set to join the plethora of classics, such as the chod and stiff hinged rigs, which are so popular on modern carp fishing waters. In essence, the Ronnie Rig is a highly efficient, low presentation popup which utilises a short curved hook in combination with a target swivel. Your bait is fished right off the back of the hook, keeping the presentation stealthy and low whilst retaining that popped-up look which is so vital in weedy or silty conditions. Phenomenally effective for big fish, the presentation sits practically flush to the bottom. This makes it ideal for angling for wary big fish, particularly if you’re able to find a gap in an otherwise weedy swim. The Gardner team really do believe that there is nothing better in terms of rigging mechanics out there at the moment and the true potential of this rig is huge.


This Gardner Ronnie Rigs pack contains three of these spectacular rigs and there are two different size options available – a size six hook or a size four. Both are manufactured using the same key components. The hook in both instances is the fantastic Gardner Covert Dark Mugga. This is an extraordinarily successful hook in its own right and it performs wonderfully in this unique setup. On the eye of the hook you’ll find an XT Flexi-Ring Kwick Lok Swivel. Attaching this through the eye distorts the gape on the hookside due to the wire gauge, keeping the presentation free moving and neat. In short, the combination of the Mugga in-turned eye, swept shank, and razor sharp point ensures that you can always get the most of the rig, and the Kwick-Lok ensures that you have a fast and aggressively reacting hook – practically guaranteeing a firm hook hold.


Pulled over and steamed onto the eye is approximately a centimetre of Gardner’s Covert Supa Shrink, giving the whole set up a smooth and snag-free finish. A Covert Hook Swivel is the slid onto the Mugga. This has been designed for use in conjunction with your hookbait and it has been held loosely in position with a Covert Hook Stop. This swivel attachment allows the hook and the bait to twist and turn independently of one another whilst still ensuring that you can enjoy nailing the fish when it comes to take the bait, as the presentation will straighten out. All of these components are included and pre-constructed in this Gardner Ronnie Rig setup.


This ensures that all you need to do is tie your favourite hooklink material onto the Flexi-Ring. You can choose your hooklink dependent on the conditions on the water, ensuring that you can use this rig in a number of scenarios. Next, you can choose your choice of buoyant pop-up carp bait to tie onto Covert Swivel. Gardner recommends using a readymade pop-up for ease and then threading through a section of mainline, trimming it down, tying a few granny knots, and blob-sealing the thread. This will hold your hookbait in place on your rig whilst still giving it the freedom to move independently of your setup. Finally, Gardner recommends pinching a small amount of Critical Mass (or other tungsten-based putty) around the shrink tubing. This allows you to position your bait perfectly so it is as slow sinking as you like – giving you that final element of customisation which can make all the difference to your carp fishing success. 


The Gardner Ronnie Rigs is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

Inventory Last Updated: Feb 26, 2024