Rod Hutchinson Gourmet Boilies Monster Crab 15mm 1kg

Rod Hutchinson


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Gourmet Boilies by Rod Hutchinson absolute quality with no compromise for those Anglers who are never satisfied and want the best quality available on the market.

These boilies are the state of the art, you can always trust them. Gourmet Boilies are rolled in UK using only fresh eggs and the best ingredients in order to always achieve 100% performance in any water or weather condition you might find. Rod has developed a range of baits whose main force is the critical balancing of the flours and liquids, to obtain a boilie that we can compare to a natural food source.

For instance, these Gourmet Boilies are absolutely fish-friendly, so you can feed your fish without the scare of damaging their health. In fact, you will actually increase its wellness and the results will be... many and many bites on your rig. Rod’s baits are effective in the short sessions as well as in the longest ones. They are rolled using the liquid and flavours of the classic Legend range, combining in themselves more than 30 years of carp angling history more than 30 years of big carp caught all around the world.


The Rod Hutchinson Gourmet Boilies Monster Crab 15mm 1kg is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 03, 2022

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